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Title: Superdog
Author: Bastian-19.08.21-190508
Votes: 165

Category: GX Card
Views: 4220

leg0master-20.05.22-145307  18:32 (23. May 2022)
Ha Ha!😄
LuckyCat-22.07.22-205512  3:07 (23. July 2022)
anima-29.09.22-162036  0:33 (30. September 2022)
um its ok
SonicFan2075-02.11.22-123959  19:41 (2. November 2022)
This is weird and stupi! And its to OP
Ben Petersen  1:36 (11. November 2022)
so stupid
30dhuynh3-07.12.22-185438  4:07 (8. December 2022)
Not bad! I wonder what would happen if my Pokemon clashed with yours. (Some facts: It’s a VMax, and its HP is 9000.)
Raymond.C-07.02.23-161552  8:09 (14. February 2023)
so stupid mine would be better
Chilly-24.02.23-131931  14:26 (24. February 2023)
Ignore the hate man, brilliant work. Keep it up.
Shaun  22:36 (3. March 2023)
all these ppl saying that it’s stupid. take a look in a mirror 💀
Aidenpokemontranier-12.05.23-141120  20:28 (12. May 2023)
I think it’s awesome check out my cards
Kok Yan Leung  18:48 (15. February 2024)
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