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1. After your order we will contact you. We’ll want pictures from you for the poke cards!:)

2. Immediately afterwards we start drawing and you will receive a sketch from us. Here you can already wish for the first changes, if you have any!

3. If you liked the sketch, we’ll create the full illustration. Even after completing the illustration, you still have unlimited revision requests! That means you can have your artwork changed by us again! 😀

4. After we finished the illustration together, we will create the card design with texts and symbols according to your wishes!

5. Finally, we create your cards in our own production facility in Germany and ship your cards with free worldwide shipping! 🙂

Of course, we understand that you want to get your card in your hands as quickly as possible and that’s why we’re working flat out on every card. The whole production of a card including drawing takes 1-2 weeks. That means your card will be sent to you after just 1-2 weeks! 😀

Important informations:

  • We can draw pets, people and all kinds of anime characters! Please note that every character we need to draw needs to be paid. (Including pet and other characters)
  • Please note that we retain the rights to the illustrations we create. This means we do not allow replications of the illustrations we create.

Additional information

Number of Characters (People, Pets & Poke)

1 Charakter, 2 Charakter, 3 Charakter, 4 Charakter


Normal Size/Not Holo, Normal Size/Holo